The company "Sonko" started in 1989 as a small family enterprise. The main objective is to provide clients with healthy, natural products made of the highest quality ingredients. Sonko products were designed for those who takes care of his health and they are indispensable complement to the basic diet.

In Ukraine TM Sonko is represented with the assortment gluten-free rice cakes and crispbreads.

Sonko strives to encourage its clients to live up to the motto: “Sonko – take care of yourself!”


Crispbread 7 grains Sonko, 170 g

Rye crispbread Sonko, 170 g

Gluten-free 7 grains cakes with wild rice, 130 g

Gluten-free rice cakes with pumpkin seeds, 130 g

Gluten-free rice cakes with sunflower seeds

Gluten-free natural rice cakes, 130g