Breakfast for health


To have a breakfast or not to have a breakfast...? Let's talk frankly: a large number of people do not have breakfast! There are 1,000 and 1 reason for refusing to eat food in the morning - shortage of time, fear of excess pounds, lack of appetite in the morning and so on. But to ignore the morning meal can not be categorically impossible,

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Dressing - must be in every kitchen


Dressing (from the English "dressing" - decorations) is a special sauce for salads. For the first time, dressings appeared in North America in the 30s of the last century. But in the last decades of the 20th century, they became especially popular in Europe. Dressings can be divided into two main types: 1. Light dressings based on a

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Franchising Fair 2021


On March 16-18, an exhibition of Franchising-2021 was held, where Store Food Distribution took part, in the category EDA BRENDIV EDA BRENDIV is a tasting exhibition filled with unique products, the program of which included Food Show, tasting demonstrations, master classes and a lot of interesting things. At the exhibition, there was a presentation of TM Roleski, which was presented at the

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Distribution Master 2020


On October 30, in Kiev, Store Food Distribution, within the framework of the DistributionMaster-2020: The Future of the Distribution Market conference, shared practical solutions in managing a distributor's portfolio. The topic of the master class, held by the company's brand manager Olesia Teslenko, was “The evolution of a distributor: from a beginner in a category to an expert with a

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Vyshyvanka day


May 21 is the day when every Ukrainian makes the planet more beautiful with his traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt, because all over the world the earth blossoms with Ukrainian embroidery. We are no exception! Happy

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