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Breakfast for health


To have a breakfast or not to have a breakfast...? Let's talk frankly: a large number of people do not have breakfast! There are 1,000 and 1 reason for refusing to eat food in the morning - shortage of time, fear of excess pounds, lack of appetite in the morning and so on. But to ignore the morning meal can not be categorically impossible,

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All you need to know about olive oil


Since ancient times, olive oil is believed to be a gift of the gods, a medicine given to people by nature. And it is no coincidence that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, who regularly consume olive oil, keep youth, beauty and health for many years. So, what is such useful in olive oil for health and beauty? 1. Olive oil has a unique

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Celebrating 9th birthday!


Its ninth birthday, an incredibly friendly and, even a bit desperate, team of Store Food Distribution celebrated at the highest point of Ukraine - Hoverla mountain. On this day (June 23rd!!) on the top of the mountain the snow was falling, and on the way to it there was a rain, a hail, a frosty strong wind... Due to bad weather, it was necessary to climb a steep route, which sometimes

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TM Sante has debuted in the "Chestnut Run"


In May, 28 the team of TM Sante first joined the charity event "Chestnut Run". By their own example employees stressed the philosophy of the trade mark, which is reflected in the slogan - Sante means health. During the event TM Sante arranged a tasting of healthy breakfasts (Crunchy and Granola), which are designed to provide delicious and proper food for everyone who cares about their health.

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