Spilva's mission is to be always an assistant either in everyday life or when you want to pamper yourself. Each product is designed and manufactured so that it gives a special taste to your dishes.

In Ukraine, the range of Spilva is represented by various dressings.

Dressings are used for dishes to give them new shades of taste, the desired consistency and an unforgettable aroma. The collection of Spilva dressings consists of seven unique flavors for your favorite dishes, including Asian sauces and classic sauces like Caesar and Balsamico.


Asia Chilli Sauce, 300 g

Asia Thai sauce, 310 g

Steak sauce, 310 g

Cowberry sauce with apples, 285 g

Balsamico sauce, 390 g

Caesar Sauce, 375 г

Honey mustard sauce, 375 г

Mediterranean herbs Sauce, 375 g

Sauce with lemon and olive oil, 390 g