Sante was founded in 1992 and now is the leader in the segment of healthy nutrition in Poland. Sante is an expert in functional nutrition. The mission of Sante is to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially healthy eating.

Sante products are made from high quality raw materials. The full range of products includes more than 100 items. High-tech production, constant quality control, adherence to the highest international quality standards - these are the basic principles of the company's work.

In the Ukrainian market the brand Sante is represented by ready breakfasts (crunchy, granola), bran and matzo.

Sante means health!


Wholegrain Matzo

Traditional Matzo

Granola with fruit, 50 g

Granola with chocolate, 50 g

Crunchy with banana and chocolate, 350 g

Crunchy natural (traditional), 350 g

Crunchy with fruit, 350 g

Granola with nuts (peanuts and coconut), 350 g

Granola with pomegranate and blueberry, 350 g

Granola with fruits (cranberries, raspberries and strawberries), 350 g

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