Otti is a national manufacturer of oatmeal, founded in 2002.

  •     Quality grain for production is purchased only from proven farmers with whom the manufacturer has been working for years.
  •     During all production cycles, raw materials undergo 5 stages of cleaning from garbage, grain impurities and husks.
  •     The cutting of grain is carried out on modern high-precision German equipment, which allows obtaining perfectly even fractions.
  •     Steaming The grain is under the influence of steam for no more than a minute, but this time is enough to preserve all the useful properties.
  •     Mandatory flattening process. This allows you to later prepare oatmeal in almost 5 minutes, just by pouring boiling water or milk over it.
  •     The manufacturer packs the flakes in kraft bags without using polypropylene and thus protects our ecology.


HERCULES oatmeal

Oatmeal EXTRA

A mix of 3 small grains

Whole grain oatmeal that does not require cooking

Oat flakes are small grains that do not require cooking