Develey was founded in 1845 in Bavaria (Germany) and today it is a leader in the production of mustards, dressings and sauces in Europe, has 17 enterprises in 8 countries, and exports products to 65 countries.

Develey officially produces sauces for McDonald's since 1971 .

All production facilities are certified by IFS (International Food Standards).

Develey's basic principles in sauces' production:

  •     without preservatives and flavor enhancers;
  •     without artificial colors and flavors;
  •     gluten free;
  •     suitable for veggie.

Develey sauces are produced in Poland for the Ukrainian market.


Tzatziki Sauce, 200 g

Salsa Mexicana Sauce, 200 g

Garlic sauce, 200 g

Sauce Chili, 200 g

Garlic sauce, 410 g

Hamburger Sauce, 410 g

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