Mustard Street Food, 200-220 g


American Classic Yellow Mustard is a classic recipe made directly from the USA. It is deep yellow, slightly sweet and soft. It goes with anything, so keep it handy whenever you want a hot dog, burger, or sandwich.

 Bavarian mustard is dark, sweet and soft. It contains two varieties of mustard seeds, delicate apple cider vinegar, caramelized sugar and aromatic spices with the addition of fried onions.

Trinidad Scorpion Mustard - a unique combination of mustard and Trinidad scorpion pepper - one of the hottest varieties in the world . If you are looking for new gustatory adventures, you have found them!

Dark Beer Mustard is a mild sweet mustard made from whole grains of black mustard with the addition of Baltic Porter dark beer. This offer is for mustard lovers, beer lovers, lovers of original combinations and unforgettable tastes.

Whiskey Mustard - a combination of whole yellow mustard with added Single Grain Scotch whiskey. The delicate and sweet taste of mustard with whiskey will add zest to any dish.