Mustard, 175 g


Dijon mustard is a popular and at the same time the most recognizable mustard in France. Its main features are a creamy texture and a clean, sharp taste with a slight salty tinge. Perfect with meat dishes.

Honey mustard is a gentle mustard with a delicate sweet taste with the addition of natural Polish buckwheat honey. It will please even the most demanding consumers. Its thick texture makes it an ideal addition to poultry dishes, as well as an ingredient in sauces and dressings.

Sarep mustard is one of the most popular mustards with a slightly spicy taste. Its characteristic aroma is due to a special variety of mustard and carefully selected spices that emphasize its unique taste.

French mustard seeds are an exquisite mustard made from whole grains of yellow and brown mustard, which give it a characteristic aroma and appearance. Soft and fragrant. Ideal for lovers of culinary experiments.