Healthy food


Healthy nutrition is the basis for living a full life. Products that contain complex carbohydrates saturate the body and give energy for the whole day, which makes them indispensable in the diet of each person.

In the category of healthy food in the Store Food Distribution's portfolio are: breakfast cereals for children and adults, rice cakes, dietary matzo and bran under TM Sante, gluten-free rice cakes and crispbreads under TM Sonko.

Crispbread 7 grains Sonko, 170 g

Rye crispbread Sonko, 170 g

Granola, 50 g

Granola, 350 g

Crunchy, 350 g


Gluten-free 7 grains cakes with wild rice, 130 g

Gluten-free rice cakes with pumpkin seeds, 130 g

Gluten-free rice cakes with sunflower seeds

Gluten-free natural rice cakes, 130g