Sauces, dressings, ketchups, mayonnaises, mustards


Store Food Distribution today has in its portfolio five brands of sauces.

The range of Store Food Distribution's sauces consists of legendary ketchups and sauces Heinz, various salad dressings Spilva, pomegranate Narsharab Grante, ideal sauces for meat Develey and unique hot pepper sauces Encona.

Such a variety of tastes will not leave foodies indifferent.

Asia Chilli Sauce, 300 g

Asia Thai sauce, 310 g

Steak sauce, 310 g

Cowberry sauce with apples, 285 g

Tzatziki Sauce, 200 g

Salsa Mexicana Sauce, 200 g

Garlic sauce, 200 g

Sauce Chili, 200 g

Garlic sauce, 410 g

Hamburger Sauce, 410 g

Sauce with lemon and olive oil, 275 g

West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce, 142 ml

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, 142 ml

Encona African Peri-Peri Sauce

Texan Chilli BBQ Sauce, 142 ml

Indian Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce, 142 ml

Tomato ketchup, 300 ml

Tomato ketchup, 500 ml

Tomato ketchup, 875 ml

Soy Sauce, 150 ml

Worcester Sauce Lea&Perrins, 290 ml

Tomato ketchup, 342 g

Garlic sauce, 220 ml

Barbecue Sauce, 220 ml

American burger sauce, 200 ml

Balsamico sauce, 390 g

Caesar Sauce, 375 г

Honey mustard sauce, 375 г

Caribbean Extra Hot Pepper Sauce, 142 ml

Classic BBQ Sauce, 400 ml

Sweet BBQ sauce, 400 ml

Mediterranean herbs Sauce, 375 g

Narsharab pomegranate sauce, 350 g

Mayonnaise 26%, 400 ml