Canned products


In a fast rhythm of life, canned food often help in the kitchen: it doesn't require cooking, stored for a long time and simply very tasty. Canned fish and canned seafood can become both a highlight of the festive table, and a quick option for every day.

The Store Food Distribution portfolio includes: canned tuna TM Altomar and TM Maremi (Italy), canned seafood TM Dani (Spain) and vegetables TM Heinz.

Mussels in Spanish sauce (13/18 pcs) TM "Dani", 106 g

Baby clams in brine TM «Dani», 111 g

Jumbo squid chunks in sunflower oil TM "Dani", 106 g

Jumbo squid chunks in hot sauce TM "Dani", 106 g

Sweet corn, 400 g

Green Peas, 400 g

Tuna in olive oil Extra Virgin Bio, 160 g

Tuna in brine, 160 g

Tuna in olive oil, 80g * 3

Tuna in olive oil, 160 g

Tuna in olive oil, 3*80g

Tuna in olive oil , 160 g