365 for every taste!


Belarusian company "Good Day" produces high-quality products made from natural, specially selected ingredients, which contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The trademark "365 for every taste!" is a whole-grain crispbreads, which are made by method of extrusion. The loaves contain only grains and cereals, and no additives.

Crispbread is a great alternative to bread. It can be the basis for sandwiches: with cheese and vegetables, with any kind of meat and fish, caviar, as well as with jams, nut paste, honey. Also crispbreads can be the perfect "snack" option for children at school and adults at work, as they are a source of vitamins, which are so important during mental and physical activity.


Wheat Crispbreads Minskiye, 90 g

Wheat-rice Crispbreads Minskiye, 85 g

Rye Crispbreads Minskiye, 100 g

Grain Cocktail Crispbreads Minskiye, 85 g

Buckwheat-rye Crispbreads Minskiye, 85 g

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